GE Centricity

Physicians throughout the region are directly connected to the IRM system in their offices and wirelessly within hospitals, providing them with relevant clinical data when and where they need it. Access to secure and up-to-date electronic medical information saves physicians time and improves patient care.

IRM has developed a physician EMR application service provider (ASP) model for practitioners. Utilizing our data center, IRM operates all the backend servers and communication equipment necessary to maintain EMR processing, even with multiple physician offices. IRM assists in the setup and implementation of the EMR and Practice Management within each office, including custom interfaces(e.g., to lab, hospital).  Services include licensing, implementation, training and ongoing support of the EMR and PM systems within each office.

GE Centricity Electronic Medical Records (formerly known as Logician)
Electronic Medical records for physician practices. The IRM “Shared Physician Services” collaboration offers an information system that can track a patient’s entire medical experience with their physician, hospitals and consultants. GE Centricity EMR integrates clinical data to reduce expenses and improve patient care. The GE Centricity EMR empowers health care providers to deliver the highest quality of care at a lower cost in a paperless environment. The Centricity EMR provides:

  • Immediate access to patient records
  • Clinical decision support tools at the point of care
  • Complete flexibility and customization to support diverse practices and workflows
  • Integration with all major information systems
  • Patient population management
  • Facilitation of HIPAA compliance
  • Scalability
  • Quality Benchmarking Reporting Tools
  • P4P Reporting Tools
  • Unparalleled implementation experience and user community

GE Centricity Practice Management Systems (formerly known as Millbrook)
Centricity Practice Management is designed to fit your current processes, size, and structure, providing an easily adaptable solution as individual as your practice. Centricity PM makes a difference in the financial health of your practice by making your daily routines run faster and easier - plus it reduces billing costs and speeds up collections! Centricity PM features include:

  • Scheduling
  • Patient Information
  • Billing
  • Managed Care
  • Reporting
  • Inventory Control
  • Scanning
  • Accounts Receivable and Collections
  • Electronic Claims and Remittance (EDI)

Additional EMR Software Supported

  • Secure e-mail - Kryptiq Secure E-Mail
  • EMR integrated secure e-mail - Kryptiq Clinical Messenger
  • Document imaging and management -Kryptiq DocuTrak
  • Comprehensive multi-specialty encounter forms - CCC QE Forms
  • EMR integrated speech recognition
  • Internet patient portal - Kryptiq Care Catalyst
  • Faxing services - Biscom
  • Interoperability and interfacing - Kryptiq Rosetta Stone Interface Engine
  • Eprescribe - Kryptiq eSM

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