Electronic Medical Records

IRM has a core set of 34 facilities connected through a private network, utilizing a standard information system. The Meditech Health Care Information System (HCIS) stores all patient records under a unique Master Patient Index.

The integrated database currently stores over 3.5 million patient records and includes all data associated with hospital inpatient and emergency room visits including physician orders, medication information, laboratory data and radiological images. This common electronic Medical Record (EMR) system provides all participating hospitals and clinics with one standardized clinical data structure and presentation.

The integrated EMR system not only improves delivery of care within each facility, it also serves as a source of information for physicians and health care providers in the community. More than 20 clinics receive data from the system (via standardized HL-7 electronic messages), allowing direct integration of data into their office-based electronic medical record systems.

The two fundamental requirements for real-time sharing of health information are in place – a regional Master Patient Index and standardized messaging systems that promote interoperability. INHS will continue to build on this infrastructure and maximize the value of electronic medical record systems for health care providers and patients in our region, and beyond.

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