docuscripts_logoPatient safety has increasingly become the center of national health IT initiatives. INHS is focused on implementing tools that enhance the safety of the medication administration process while reducing medication administration errors. Working together with hospitals and physicians, INHS provides effective and efficient solutions to meet the needs of patients. DocuScripts, an automated medication ordering, processing and fulfillment solution, improves patient safety while supporting the needs of your health care providers.

Create a Convenient Process
The DocuScripts solution utilizes an easy-to-use scanning device that allows caregivers to conveniently send physicians’ orders with proper priority, directly to the pharmacy department. DocuScripts provides the pharmacists instant access to pharmacy orders and allows caregivers to track order progress until medications are dispensed.

Once an order has been scanned into DocuScripts, it is automatically routed to the pharmacy, satellite pharmacy or to another site based on workflows, pharmacy staffing levels and hours of operation. The pharmacy staff easily sees a summary of priority orders, patient demographic information and has the ability to view the entire order, zoom in or out and fill according to the order. When the pharmacist completes the order, the floor knows immediately and can dispense as written. The real-time status board allows for improved communications and more efficient workflows. Statistical information is also captured allowing management to report on order fill times, orders per hour, order priority and location information.


Flexible and Scalable
DocuScripts is available in two configurations making it flexible and scalable, accommodating hospitals both large and small. INHS, a leader in hospital information technology solutions, collaborates with you and reviews your workflow processes to identify the best solution for staff and patients.

Nursing Status Board
A key feature of DocuScripts is the ability for the caregiver to see the workflow from the time an order is scanned until the prescription is filled. Staff can see orders for their department, priority given and its status, allowing for better delivery times and virtually eliminating the need to call the pharmacy with questions. If an order has any deficiency, the pharmacy communicates directly with the person/location who submitted the script via the DocuScripts Status Monitor.

Pharmacy Work Station
Easily and clearly view and process orders by priority using the DocuScripts Pharmacy Work Stations. Additional information is added to the script via HL-7 or data file from EMR, allowing the pharmacy to have relevant patient information needed to process and fill the script. Technicians can easily see how long orders have been sitting in the queue, customize their view, save personal settings and use the viewer tool to enlarge for hard-to read handwriting. The DocuScripts communication tool quickly allows orders that have a deficiency to be sent back to the floor for resolution, while orders that exceed pre-established hospital timelines blink to generate awareness or adjust the workflow.

DocuScripts Pharmacy Administration Console allows administration to determine which satellite pharmacy locations orders will go to depending on staffing and availability of pharmacists. Using preset configurations to handle the typical day, evening and night shifts, the console can easily be modified to meet the needs of busy pharmacies. Adding users, permissions and general application functions are designed for easy modifications not requiring vendor or outside IT help. DocuScripts is designed to work in hospitals where computerized physician order entry (CPOE) is in the process of being implemented and can be shown on status boards.


  • Caregiver can set priority (stat, priority and regular) of each order scanned
  • Immediate tracking of order on the unit once it is placed with visual display of the Nursing Status Board
  • Automatic print-back of additional copies of orders at the unit if desired, eliminating the need for multipart orders
  • Document viewing tool designed for quick access, easy view, zoom and fast processing
  • Communication tool for pharmacist and caregiver if questions about order arise
  • Technicians can create and save custom view profiles for how they work
  • Workflows are easily changed by administrator when staffing changes demand
  • Pharmacy Station designed to process orders by priority
  • Orders that have not been processed in acceptable times flash
  • Archive tool stores all orders once completed
  • Merge tools for multiple pages of orders from one patient
  • Custom process management and deficiency reports available

As a non-profit organization, the INHS mission is to provide unique, effective, affordable services using collaborative and innovative approaches for the benefit of the entire healthcare continuum. DocuScripts is priced accordingly, considerably less than its largest competitor.

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